About Keep2share

  1. is a leading cloud hosting platform that offers secure storage for all your files.
  2. Through the site, you can upload, access and share your files and data with anyone you wish.
  3. Keep2Share offers you the functionality of an internet Hard Drive, which is more convenient and safer than the ordinary drives, as it’s virtually immune to computer crashes and viruses
  4. A wide range of file types is allowed, including music, word documents, flash, photos, applications, videos, and site information.
  5. You can access the service from any device, be it a PC, tablet or mobile as long as it’s connected to the internet.
  6. Keep2Share is regarded as one of the most secure file hosting platforms in the market as it provides automatic encryption and server protection.
  7. The main server is available 24/7, which means you can access, upload or download any files you want at any time.
  8. Keep2Share also uses high-speed Gigabit networking which means users can access their desired files from any location in the world with minimal delays.
  9. Apart from file storage, Keep2Share also offers file sharing and synchronization features.
  10. File sharing is achieved through a direct link, which can either be password protected or not, depending on the type of account you have.
  11. File syncing basically enables you to move, or redistribute files from one device to another, or to the cloud. This can be for backup purposes, or to enable you to access your files from multiple devices.
  12. There are two types of accounts available: Free and Premium.
  13. With a Free account, you can still download all the files available to you. However, your downloads will be delayed a bit and you have to enter a captcha before the link goes active.
  14. For more advanced, and convenient features and usability, a keep2share premium subscription is necessary.
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