Premium Account Premium Account Benefits

  • Browse with no ads
  • Downloads start as soon as you click the download button. No unnecessary delays or captcha tests
  • Download up to 8 files at the same time and with no delays
  • First priority when it comes to downloading files, which basically means you get download speeds of up to 100 Mbps
  • Unlimited daily uploads and downloads
  • Support for download managers to help you organize and schedule your downloads
  • More control on who gets to view and download your files
  • Freely edit and update your stored files
  • Additional privacy and security features to secure your files from prying eyes and viruses
keep2share download speed Premium Prices

  • Keep2Share uses https and SSL protocols to secure personal and financial data to ensure maximum safety and anonymity of all premium members.
  • There are 4 levels of Keep2Share premium accounts as follows: 30 Premium Days at $29.95, 60 Premium Days at $44.95, 90 Premium Days at $59.95 and 365 Premium Days at $119.95.
  • All the packages give an average of 1 TB of Bandwidth per paid month, which is topped up with an extra 65 GB of bandwidth every couple of days.
  • Of the 4 Premium plans, the 90 Premium Days plan is the most popular, probably because it gives 3 months of cover for the price of 2.
  • Paying for a Premium account is fast and easy as the range of available payment methods allow anyone from any country or region in the world to make payments in an easy, fast and secure way.
  • Payment methods include PayPal, Visa, UnionPay, China Payments, Tpay Polska, Bank Card Russian, Paysera, Giropay, Sofort and Neteller.
  • Crypto is also an acceptable means of payment, and you can pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin or even Bitcoin Cash.
  • You may also purchase Keep2Share premium keys from one of their certified Resellers at a potentially lower price, depending on the dealer.
  • Notably, full refunds are only given when you have not used the service due to accessibility issues. In all the other cases, partial refunds may be paid, subject to the timely filing of applications.
keep2share premium benefits